Which aesthetic treatments are the most effective?

Which aesthetic treatments are the most effective?

Each season of the year brings different threats to our organisms. When the temperature drops outside, not only should we protect ourselves against more bacteria and viruses, but we should also take care of the condition of our skin. The dry air in the rooms makes the skin dull and more susceptible to mechanical damage. Fortunately, we are helped by specialists who perform cosmetic treatments tailored to even the most demanding skin. It is worth getting acquainted with their offers, especially since the prices of services are decreasing from year to year and more and more people can afford them.

Which aesthetic treatments are the most effective?Exotic names vs effective action

Are you looking at a beauty salon’s price list and wondering what is behind most of the names? You are not the only one with this problem. Before you go for beauty treatmentsit is worth finding out what really belongs to the selected package. The names very often come from the English words for tools or substances used during the session. A great example is the HIFU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment, i.e. a non-invasive lifting performed using concentrated ultrasound waves. HIFU works with the effectiveness of a scalpel because the waves reach the same depths that the surgeon reaches during a classic facelift. It is in these layers that the coagulation of collagen fibers takes place, which ultimately tightens too loose tissue. It is worth knowing that the treatment is intended not only for the skin of the face, but can also be used to shape the entire body.

Take care of your scalp and hair

Do you use professional cosmetics designed specifically for your hair type and choose your hairdresser carefully, but still can’t get the effect you want? To find out where the source of the problem lies, you can go to a professional cosmetic treatment , the purpose of which will be to examine the scalp and the elemental composition of the hair. Based on the results, not only appropriate care will be selected, but also the diet. All this to supplement potential deficiencies and achieve the body’s balance. If the need is greater, we can go to a hair specialist – a trichologist for additional help.


Tissue regeneration using your own cells

Cosmetic treatments using material collected before the treatment are not science fiction! Recently, the so-called autologous treatments. They consist in forcing the body to regenerate by injecting it into the appropriate place, e.g. the patient’s plasma or stem cells. Correctly performed treatment can visibly rejuvenate the skin, and even induce it to start production that was stopped earlier – this method is used to treat alopecia. Performing tissue regeneration using this technique, and then enhancing the effect by injecting hyaluronic acid is a real hit. People who have decided on this cosmetic procedure say that they did not meet in the mirror after returning home.

Lose unnecessary kilos in a beauty salon

A visit to a beauty salon is always associated only with skin care and nails. However, beauty doesn’t just depend on these two things! More and more often, clinic employees are able to offer us comprehensive services for the whole body. If we are slim people, but we cannot find time to exercise, body shaping will be a bull’s eye. We can easily get rid of excess fat from the arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. The downside is the long wait, because you have to complete several sessions, but during them we can simultaneously focus on other duties, which would be difficult during demanding exercises.

Treatments for beautiful lips

We took care of the stomach, skin and hair, but we still lack perfect lips that will tempt under red lipstick? There are ways to do that too. Let’s not be afraid of enlarging the lips, today’s cosmetic procedures will not make them look artificial. On the contrary, specialists focus on natural beauty – bringing out intense color and subtly emphasizing the shape of the red lips with deep moisturizing.

Laser rejuvenation

Laser therapy is a procedure, or sometimes a whole series of them, of which those who ask for help in beauty matters most fear. It probably results from associations with surgery and a scalpel, with which the cosmetic laser has nothing to do with! With its help, a specialist is able to rejuvenate and smooth the skin, remove discoloration and small skin changes. This is not all that a laser can do. Thanks to it, we will also get rid of unnecessary hair and erase a failed tattoo. The procedure is usually not painful, and if a long session is needed, local anesthesia is performed.

Before we make an appointment with a specialist, let’s think if we don’t have something that makes the therapy impossible. In many cases, it is enough to change the substance used, but sometimes we are disqualified due to ailments. We should also bear in mind that many treatments should not be performed during pregnancy and the beautician should always be informed about this condition.